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I spend every day battling fear. Or I would like to think that I do. Instead, I run from it. It is said that fear is healthy. It is said that fear protects us and tells us when we should retreat. If so, for me fear is the helicopter parent that won't let me explore the world that I might live in it. I would like to blame fear for all my failures. I would like to claim that it is fear's fault that I am where I am and that I hurt as I hurt. But that would be misattribution. Cowardice, my first resort in near every situation, must bear the blame.

I must learn to look on fear in a different light. It has been my habit to see fear and take it as a sign to run far and fast, to cower in the deepest darkest place I may find. I have come to realize, though, that fear has often signaled something far different in my life. The moments of greatest fear in my life have been the moments when I should act. Fear is another face of opportunity. Fear is another way I tell myself to brace myself, to be strong, to take risks. Fear is my friend, and, as my friend, I should embrace it.


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